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Spring Break Beauty!


This is for all the college beauties that are packing bikinis and boarding flights to escape the freezing cold for a week of fun in the sun! While us working women have only fond memories to warm our frosty toes, these tips can still be used when the weather breaks.

If you're going from a cold place to a warm place (say, Pittsburgh to Puerto Rico) you will want to make sure you prepare your dry winter skin. You have to put the moisture back in your skin so that when you're in the sun you don't risk chapped skin and a sunburn.

Speaking of sunburn, don't forget your sunscreen! It will be very uncomfortable to have to put sweaters over your sensitive, burned skin when you get back to the cold. Look for a full-spectrum UVA, UVB, and UVC-blocking sunblock for best protection and apply every few hours.

So that moisturizers and sunscreen can actually penetrate your skin, make sure you exfoliate from head to toe. Fun fact: Dead skin doesn't tan. The sun (and tanning beds) just makes the dead skin more apparent. Exfoliation will also help to achieve that sexy beach glow all over, whether you intend to use self tanner or spend a few hours soaking up rays.

While you're out in the heat, don't be afraid to play with bright colors! Blush, eyeshadow, and lipsticks in pinks, peaches, corals, and even oranges are beautiful on every skin tone. Try some sparkles with shimmer as well for a lovely sparkle during the day.

Try to limit foundation to a tinted moisturizer or a light powder. The goal here is to give the effortless, I-just-wake-up-this-way look!

Happy Travels! And for those of us stuck in the cold, here's some vintage inspiration, spring is almost here!