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Valentine’s Day From Hair to Toes

Valentine's Day beauty tips

The most romantic holiday of the year is here!  If you have plans with your Valentine, spending the day with your friends, or just chillin’ out solo, here are a few beauty do’s to wow your lover (or yourself) this Valentine’s Day. And let’s try to stay away from the color red, okay? Red is so cliché!

Try a new style with your hair. If you usually wear your hair straight, try a low bun behind your ear and a few wispy bangs to frame your face. Curly girls can go all out today. Use your favorite product to define your curls and wear soft tendrils or tease it to high heaven! Girls with shorter hair may accent their cut with a few loose waves for definition.

Give yourself a DIY facial before your festivities. If you’re going to wear makeup, play up your eyes and lips for V-Day. For your eyes, focus on your liner and mascara. You could even use a darker color than usual, making the whites of your eyes really pop. Make sure your brows are shaped too, since your brows are what really frame your whole face. Slide on a sassy lip color like a nude beige or pink, a bright fuchsia, or even a deep wine color.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! And after that, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You want to get all that old, dry skin off so the skin underneath can be better moisturized, keeping you soft and giving you a healthy, sexy glow!

Treat yourself to a manicure (DIY or salon, your choice!). Make sure your hands are soft and supple for everything from hand holding to high fiving. If you want your nails to stand out, steer clear of red polish! Try a bright pink for a day event, or a deep burgundy for a hot night out.

For those of you lucky enough NOT to be knee deep in snow this winter, you may be able to wear a peep toe heel or even a sandal (assuming you live in Miami or LA). Keep those winter feet at bay with a good pedicure, and keep your guy (or gals!) guessing by choosing a polish for your toes that doesn’t necessarily match but compliments the color on your fingers

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day!