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Design Diary | Vintage Sweater

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Dear Diary,

I must say the era of bell bottoms, psychedelic patterns, and miniskirts may by far be one of my favorite periods in fashion…well besides the platform shoes! 1960s and 1970s fashion have been influencing today’s trends, and have even been appearing on the runway.

This week I checked out one of our favorite local vintage seller, Miskabelle, for some vintage inspiration. Quickly after browsing through their Etsy shop, I found a 1970s pastel striped sweater, and instantly though of a cute “mod” way to bring the sweater to life.

In the sketch I paired a leather skater skirt; leather is definitely in right now so finding a leather/faux leather skirt should not be too difficult. To make the look more “Twiggy-esque” I added round sunglasses and frilly socks, giving the look a 1960s feel, both can be found at American Apparel.


If you have an Etsy shop, vintage collection or resale boutique and would like to have one of your items sketched into design, drop us a line at 

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