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Design Diary | African cloth necklace

Design Diary, fashionraessa belnavis1 Comment
Sketched design 5.jpg

Dear Diary,

My African American dress class has rekindled my love for African print, and wax print fabrics! A lot of the fabrics are manufactured in West Africa, and have been used in collections throughout clothing labels: Burberry, H&M, L.A.M.B. Boxing Kitten, Stella Jean and many more. Acclaimed Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare is even famous for creating life-sized mannequins and dressing them in Victorian inspired attire made from wax print fabrics. 

african print lamb.jpg

Inspired to do a piece on jewelry this week, and with these bold prints in the back of my mind, I found etsy shop, DoughNation, located right in Baltimore, MD. The shop creates and sells earrings, necklaces, and, bangles wrapped in African fabrics, that could make any outfit, a statement! The bright colors used in the fabrics are perfect to pair with spring and summer ensembles.

I chose this necklace in particular because of the Kinte’ cloth used at the top, a personal favorite, and I admired how, although the fabrics were different, the color scheme of the fabrics were in synch. I outfitted the necklace with a plain solid colored dress, so the necklace stands out. Be bold and feel free to mix patterns with the necklace, to create your own look.

sketch5 edited.jpg
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