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Design Diary | Denim, denim, denim

Design Diaryraessa belnavis1 Comment
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Dear Diary,

The 80s brought about the trend and we’ve been bringing it back! Acid wash denim has made a huge comeback in the last year. Whether you see a vintage acid wash Levi jacket or a pair of acid wash jeans from Urban Outfitters, the trend has definitely been making its way back into the fashion world. With D.I.Y.s on blogs and all over Youtube, anyone can take a simple pair of jeans or an old denim button up and simply bleach it to create the acid affect.



Browsing through Etsy, I found a shop that featured an interesting dress that catered not only to the reoccurring acid wash trend, but also the peplum trend as well. Etsy shop, Empty Attix , displayed a Vintage Oxygen Denim Peplum Dress with corduroy details, and green buttons. The dress screams vintage, and definitely is a stand out piece!


To complete the look pair the dress with healed black boots, and grab a pair of your mom’s old big bright vintage clip-ons or door knocker and your set. 

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