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Vert et Vogue | Cecile Azem

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Cecile Azem

When you think of France, you think of great food, great wine, amazing fashion and style. However, green clothing has never really been associated with high end luxury fashion, not until this week’s Vert et Vogue designer figured out how she could make this happen. Designer Cecile Azem, based in Grand Tolhouse and owner of the label Eros et Agape, embarked on her journey to create elegant and fashionable green clothing when she realized the only eco-friendly dresses available looked like, in her own words “potato bags. ” 

Keeping her fashion icons in mind while she designs; i.e. Coco Chanel and her goal to create eco-friendly clothing because it is a niche that has not yet been captured in France, Cecile designs clothes that are flattering to the body, feminine, and chic. Son talent est incroyable!!!!  And her pieces have been featured on television and several magazine articles like, ELLE, Madame, France 3, just to name a few.  So, if you would like your friends to describe your clothes as “très chic,” make sure to select a piece from one of her three collections; Etoile sauvage, A fleur de peau, and Renaissance. For those of you who wish to know her a little more, check out my exclusive interview with her below.

Restez toujours très chic et vert!  Until next time, this is Kilse from Vert et Vogue bidding you adieu and Happy Shopping.

Eros and agape
What was your inspiration for starting your clothing line/label, let alone one that is eco-friendly?

The first time I thought about it, started when I was working high luxury fashion Paris in 2006. I was searching for eco-friendly clothing but all I found in France was only potato bags clothing ( sorry for that ! ) and at this time, even if I tried, it was unconceivable to introduce eco-friendly thinking at work!

So my inspiration was one with eco-friendly, I can't imagine any other way! Maybe if great brands were proposing green fashion at this time, I would have never create my own brand...

When working on a collection, what eco-friendly factors do you focus on? And how do these factors affect the design process in general?

All my collections are built on organic or eco-friendly fabrics so the creative process is closely related to the fabrics. The most of my creation time is focused on finding beautiful textures and colors which can inspire me at that moment. Obviously, it's hard to find exactly what I want, buy this way I like to design patterns to enable the fabrics, for having more possibilities and getting nearest of my ideas.

Cecile azem
Tell me a little bit more about your latest collection?

My latest collection is “Etoile sauvage”, means “Wild star” in English. The collection talks about the fire burning inside us, the one which make us dream of being free and hopeful for the lands we live on it.

I decided to express it in the duality of bright/mate, by using fabrics like organic sateen combined with recycled materials. The cuts are shaped for feeling comfortable with femininity.  I use the triangle, geometric figure from the star ( which is also the symbol of the woman ) and pattern illustrations of nature ( flowers, birds... ).

cecile azem
Who is your target audience?

The Eros & Agape woman is smart-thinking with a smart-look, she feels that she can bloom only in a specific way of life, her way of life.

Has it been difficult breaking into the fashion industry in France and overseas?

I think it's the most difficult at the beginning. A young label doesn't have the means like big groups have,  but with a lot of work and after talking with good persons, people starts listening to you. I believe that the strength of Eros & Agape lives in the lateral thinking of fashion. Fortunately, my clientele's searching for fashion with proximity and identity, and they are the first to publicize the label. I'm sincerely thankful because this is the best recognition of my work.

Cecile azem
What are some of the attributes you hope your client will exude when wearing one of your pieces, especially knowing that the piece they are wearing is a product of green fashion?

I hope that she'll feel beautiful while thinking, acting good for the environment. Like that the sentence “Just talk and look pretty” makes sense.

Who are some of your fashion icons?

Coco Chanel for her feminism, Vanessa Paradis for her sweetness, MIA for her wildness and Adele for her elegance.

Each designer usually has a motto or a set of rules they abide by when designing, do you have one and if so what is it?

My motto is simple: Eat good, sleep well, keep mind an open and go straight!

cecile azem

What advice can you give other young emerging fashion designers even more so eco-friendly young emerging designers.

Be a hard-worker and believe in your commitment.
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