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Upcycled Wrist Warmers

fashion, Upcycles, Sew. Stitch. Save, see and doAdelle Gresock1 Comment
sock final2.JPG

Baby, it's cold outside and these little wrist warmers keep you warm & cute as a button. Below is an easy-as-pie upcycled DIY on how to make a pair of wrist warmers from old socks:

For more info on our Sew. Stitch. Save 2014 clothing diet & to join the club, go here. 

For more info on our Sew. Stitch. Save 2014 clothing diet & to join the club, go here


2 knee-high socks

2 fancy buttons

lace (at least enough to go around the bottom of your socks)

sewing machine

needle & thread

sock step 1.png

Cut the foot off your sock. I used a knee-high sock so I trimmed a bit off the cuff as well, but you don’t need to if you like the length or are using a shorter sock.

socks step 2.png

Add lace or trim to the cut end of your sock. This is functional as well as fashionable. You get a little flair for your wrist warmer and it also keeps your sock from unraveling.

socks step3.png

Sew the trim to your sock with the right sides touching so that your seam is on the inside of your wrist warmer.

socks step5.png
socks step 6.png

I added a button and a little gathering for an extra touch. The gathering is done by running a short basting stitch up about 3 inches of your wrist warmer, then pulling tightly and knotting off.

Repeat the steps above for your second warmer. 

sock button.JPG

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The Home Issue | DIY Competition

see and do, UpcyclesLuri and Wilma2 Comments

Calling all do it yourselfers! We want ya to show us your coolest DIY home project.  It can be as small as a repainted living room table or as big as an entirely updated home.  The only condition is it must be an eco-friendly project!

Show and tell us how you used upcycled, recycled, non-toxic and/or eco-friendly materials. The top projects, as chosen by our editors, will appear in our upcoming home issue in the spring. AND the best room, project or redo will get an entire feature! We'll give your Twitter, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever a shout, right next to your finished product. So start snapping pics of those pretty projects!!

To be considered, please send 2-3 low resolution photos of the completed DIY to info@luriandwilma.com. ALL entries must be received by January 1st, at midnight EST.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Here's some of our fave upcycles:

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