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Handmade for the Holidays

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If you wait until the last minute, it only takes but a minute to make something dope and handmade with love! For all you last-minute holiday shoppers out there (myself, included):  a round-up of our favourite (and not lame-ass) natural beauty gifts to make and give.  Oh, by golly, couldn't we all use some good 'ole fashioned pampering this time of the year?


Between 2 Thorns Rose Facial Mist

Between 2 Thorns Rose Facial Mist

This one's easy.  Add 15-20 drops of rose essential oil to some filtered water. Pour into a glass spray bottle, tie on some holiday flair, and check 'Mom' off the list.

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Homemade Bath Bombs

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Homemade Bath Bombs

You might want to enlist the help of your crafty little sister for these.  I didn't stray too far from the careful instructions laid out by the ladies from A Beautiful Mess.  I added some dried lavender and essential oil for a personal touch. (Make one for yourself while you're at it-- you deserve it, you!)

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Lotion Bar

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Lotion Bar

I made a batch of these last year (brought to you by the Free People bloggers) and they were a crowd-pleaser.  For an added perk (hah!) to aid sore and tired muscles, I added some whole coffee beans before I poured the mixture into the mold.

Green Tree and Tea Toner Tabs (Say that 5 times fast)

Green Tree and Tea Toner Tabs (Say that 5 times fast)

Since you already have most of the ingredients after making the bath bombs, you might as well make these too, you perfect gift-giver, you. I didn't have any marigold petals lying around (but you do, don't do?) so I did without.

Too Much Barre (or Bar-Hopping?) Lavender Soak

Too Much Barre (or Bar-Hopping?) Lavender Soak

Again, this one's easy. Add some regular Epsom salts to a jar and add in some dried lavender and essential oils. Tie on a pretty ribbon and hand off to your best friend who needs some TLC. (And she could probably some of that TLC, too.)

Happy Holidays, Loves!


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DIY Reading Rack

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Alright, ladies, we’re breaking out a little light woodworking today to build the reading rack of your dreams.  Well, specifically, it’s the reading rack of my dreams that I built for my bedroom reading nook featured on page 24 in The Home Issue.

It’s also a great excuse to buy yourself some tools, and I don’t want to hear excuses because a jig saw is a compact tool that will only set you back about $30.   


1x12 Wood Plank

Black Paint

Gold Paint




Jig Saw



Paint Roller

Paint Brush

Painters Tape

Do yourself a favor and have your local hardware store cut your 1x12 down to a couple of 24” lengths. 

Step 1: On each board, measure out and mark a rectangle that is 12” long and approximately ¾” tall* and 2” from one of the longer edges of each of the boards and adjacent to one of the shorter edges, as shown. 

*It is very important that the heights of the rectangles are exactly or only marginally larger than the thickness of the planks. 

Step 2:  Use the saw to cut along the 12” pencil marks.

Step 3:  Use a chisel and a hammer along the ¾” marks to remove the rectangular piece. Discard these pieces.

Step 4:  Give your cut boards a coat or two of black paint.

Step 5: To make that reading rack a little sexier, give the edges a little gold paint treatment.

Slide the boards together.  If they’re a particularly tight fit, use a rubber mallet to pound into place.  

DIY reading rack

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Upcycled Wrist Warmers

fashion, Upcycles, Sew. Stitch. Save, see and doAdelle Gresock1 Comment
sock final2.JPG

Baby, it's cold outside and these little wrist warmers keep you warm & cute as a button. Below is an easy-as-pie upcycled DIY on how to make a pair of wrist warmers from old socks:

For more info on our Sew. Stitch. Save 2014 clothing diet & to join the club, go here. 

For more info on our Sew. Stitch. Save 2014 clothing diet & to join the club, go here


2 knee-high socks

2 fancy buttons

lace (at least enough to go around the bottom of your socks)

sewing machine

needle & thread

sock step 1.png

Cut the foot off your sock. I used a knee-high sock so I trimmed a bit off the cuff as well, but you don’t need to if you like the length or are using a shorter sock.

socks step 2.png

Add lace or trim to the cut end of your sock. This is functional as well as fashionable. You get a little flair for your wrist warmer and it also keeps your sock from unraveling.

socks step3.png

Sew the trim to your sock with the right sides touching so that your seam is on the inside of your wrist warmer.

socks step5.png
socks step 6.png

I added a button and a little gathering for an extra touch. The gathering is done by running a short basting stitch up about 3 inches of your wrist warmer, then pulling tightly and knotting off.

Repeat the steps above for your second warmer. 

sock button.JPG

For more upcycled DIY ideas, peep A Very Green Holiday

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The Home Issue | DIY Competition

see and do, UpcyclesLuri and Wilma2 Comments

Calling all do it yourselfers! We want ya to show us your coolest DIY home project.  It can be as small as a repainted living room table or as big as an entirely updated home.  The only condition is it must be an eco-friendly project!

Show and tell us how you used upcycled, recycled, non-toxic and/or eco-friendly materials. The top projects, as chosen by our editors, will appear in our upcoming home issue in the spring. AND the best room, project or redo will get an entire feature! We'll give your Twitter, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever a shout, right next to your finished product. So start snapping pics of those pretty projects!!

To be considered, please send 2-3 low resolution photos of the completed DIY to info@luriandwilma.com. ALL entries must be received by January 1st, at midnight EST.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Here's some of our fave upcycles:

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