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See & Do | Mail Clip Organizers

Mandy Pellegrin1 Comment
Mail Clip Organizers.png

I'm still on my organization kick for the new year, and I've got a great little project to get your mail in order.  In my home, the mail seems to just sort of pile up on our coffee table until our cat starts indiscriminately eating bills and statements and whatnot.  I try to create little piles based on when I need to take action.  These little clips are just a cuter way to create those same prioritized piles.  

Mail Clip Organizers Tutorial.jpg


  • 1" Wooden Circles
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Craft Paint / Paint Brushes
  • Priority Labels*
  • Mod Podge / Sponge Brush
  • Craft Knife or Scissors
  • Craft Glue

*Create the priority labels by printing priority levels -- I went with "NOW," "SOON," and "LATER" -- on card stock and trimming them down to strips about a 1/4" wide.

Mail Clip Organizer Tutorial.jpg

Putting It All Together:  Each clip will require 2 wooden circles.  Pick some color combinations that you like.  Paint the back circles for each clip a solid color and the front half and half in your chosen color combo.  The line doesn't have to be clean because it will covered by the labels.  You'll want to go ahead and paint both sides of each circle.  

Mail Clip Organizer Tutorial.jpg

Use Mod Podge to affix each label to the front disc for each clip.  Trim the excess label with a craft knife or scissors.  Seal with another thin layer of Mod Podge.  

Mail Clip Organizer Tutorial.jpg

Using craft glue, affix a mini clothespin to each of the solid color back circles. Allow to dry.  

Mail Clip Tutorial 093.jpg

Finish them off by affixing the front circles to the mini clothespins with craft glue.   Now get to clippin' and organizin'.

Mail Clip Organizer Tutorial.jpg
Mail Clip Organizer Tutorial.jpg
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