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See & Do | Mini Tinsel Wreath

see and doMandy PellegrinComment

I'm here with a little holiday DIY action.  This one is low skill, high reward.  Just ask all the ladies that put one of these bad boys together at our recent Drink + DIY event. 

Mini Tinsel Wreath Tutorial.png


  • 5" Craft Ring
  • 24" Piece of Tinsel Garland
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Merry Merry Banner (download and print here)
  • Craft Glue

Mini Tinsel Wreath Tutorial.jpg

Putting It All Together:

Loosely wrap the tinsel garland around the craft ring.  Wrap a couple of short cuts of jewelry wire around the ring and garland to told the garland in place.  

Mini Tinsel Wreath.jpg

Bend a 5" cut of jewelry wire in half and wrap the ends around the ring to create a hanger for the wreath.   

Mini Tinsel Wreath .jpg
Mini Tinsel Wreath.jpg

Use a couple of generous beads of glue to affix the banner to the center of the wreath.

Mini Tinsel Wreath.jpg
Mini Tinsel Wreath.jpg
Mini Tinsel Wreath.jpg
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