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See and Do | 1 Clutch : 3 Fall trends | White-on-White Trend

see and doMandy PellegrinComment

We’re back with a follow-up to the basic clutch tutorial from our oh, awesome autumn issue.  A few variations on the steps in the basic clutch tutorial, and you’ve got yourself a trendy little white-on-white fold-over clutch.  The runways were rockin' some white-on-white for fall.  It's a bold choice for sure.  If you're not ready to jump headfirst into this one, maybe a lil' clutch is the perfect way to dip your toe.  This one features a couple of textures of white fabric in a pretty sleek fold-over design. 

variations: materials, step one


(4) 12" x 13" cuts of winter white cotton fabric

(1) 12" x 13" cut of winter white semi-transparent fabric

(2) 12" x 13" cuts of medium sew-in stabilizer

(2) magnetic snap closures


Putting It All Together (explained as variations on the basic clutch tutorial):

one: Baste together one cut of stabilizer, one cut of cotton, and one cut of semi-transparent fabric (in that order) on the 13" sides.  Baste together one cut of stabilizer and one cut of cotton on the 13" sides.  on this piece, install the female end of one of the magnetic snap closures in the center 2.5" from one of the 12" edges.  Install the male end of the magnetic snap closure in the center 1.5" from the the other 12" edge.  Proceed with steps two through nine of the basic clutch, keeping the male snap installed in step one at the top of the bag.  When complete, use the outer closures to make your clutch fold-over.

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