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See & Do | Cord Keepers

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DIY Cord Keepers

Nothing says sexy like cord keepers, right?  Yeah, not really, but the reality is that it's pretty freakin' annoying having to untangle a thousand cords every time you're looking for your import cable or your Kindle charger.  Let's solve the problem by making a DIY of it, shall we?  If you take on this project, I guarantee 70% less cord-related cursing.  

DIY Cord Keepers.jpg


  • Twill Tape*
  • Wooden Tags
  • Paint + Paint Brush
  • Paint Pen
  • Snaps + Setting Tool

*I recommend twill tape because it is stronger than grosgrain or satin ribbon and will be less likely to tear or unravel.

DIY Cord Keepers .jpg

Putting It All Together: Paint the tags.

DIY Cord Keepers.jpg
Use a paint pen to give each of your tags a little label.  I used this marking stick that has the look of chalk but is permanent.  For my labels, I went with  "TALK" for my phone charger, "READ" for my Kindle, "SNAP" for my camera transfer cable, and "CLICK" for my computer. 
DIY Cord Keepers.jpg

Cut a piece of twill tape about 12" long for each keeper.  

Cord Keepers 5.jpg
DIY Cord Keepers.jpg

Install each end of the snap about 4" from the ends of the twill tape -- depending on how big the cords are that you're trying to keep.  For example, the distance between the two snaps for my Kindle cord -- which is pretty small and thin -- was about 3", while I left a gap about 7" long for my computer cord.  When installing the snaps, place the tag between the top, male snap head and the twill tape such that you're affixing the tag with the snap. 

Now, you're ready to get those cords in order.  

DIY Cord Keepers.jpg
DIY Cord Keepers.jpg
DIY Cord Keepers.jpg
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