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See & Do | DIY Glittered Candles

see and doMandy Pellegrin2 Comments
DIY Glitter Candles

If you’re itching to DIY a gift or two this holiday season, break out the bucket of glitter, and let’s get to work personalizing a set of dollar store candles.


  • dollar store jar candles
  • painter's tape
  • decoupage glue
  • sponge brush
  • glitter
  • spray sealer
DIY Glitter Candles

One: Tape off a couple of stripes on your candle, and use a sponge brush to cover them in decoupage glue.  

DIY Glitter Candles

Two: Cover the glue in glitter.  Give it a minute or two, and remove the tape.  Then, allow to fully dry.  

DIY Glitter Candles

Three:  Give the glitter a nice coat of spray acrylic sealer.

DIY Glitter Candles
DIY Glitter Candles
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