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See & Do | Love Shoot Decor - Bud Vases

Mandy PellegrinComment
vases copy.jpg

Our recent Love, Food issue features a charming table-for-two shoot chock full of easy DIY decor.  Let's start this DIY off with a step-by-step (but really just one step) for creating a set of darling little bud vases. 

DIY Bud Vases.jpg


  • Thrifted Glass Containers -- Shot glasses, votive holders, salt and pepper shakers, and, of course, bud vases will all do just fine for this project!  Make sure to get some fun and interesting shapes, though.
  • Spray Paint
DIY Bud Vases

Putting It All Together:  This is a one-step process, baby.  Just apply several thin coats of spray paint and load 'em up with buds!

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