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Vintage Suitcase iPod Speakers

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vitange suitcase speaker DIY

You may have been introduced to this awesome guy in our Outdoor Issue. We've used him all summer long. In an ode to the fleeting warm nights, we thought we'd break the instructions down for you so you can make your own. There's still time for some outdoor excursions before the fall chill sets in.

I saw a picture of vintage suitcase speakers and instantly fell in love.  Unfortunately, the price tag for said speakers was $200.00 and did not include the shipping and handling costs. I knew that I could make the same item for a considerably cheaper price.

What you will need:

Vintage suitcase (purchased from craigslist for $15.00)

Sony speakers (purchased from Goodwill for $7.00)

T- Amp (purchased from Amazon $20.00)

#2 Philips head screwdriver

Flathead screwdriver



Tape measure

A pencil

whatyoull need2.jpg
whatyoullneed 3.jpg

Step 1: Remove the speakers from the original casing

Use the flat head screwdriver to pry the mesh casing off of the speaker.  You might have to hit the end of the screwdriver with a hammer to get the process going.

Step 1.5: Remove the smaller speaker

The smaller speaker is attached to the mesh casing. When prying the casing off, be gentle, try not to rip the smaller speaker and the wires.

Use the #2 phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the smaller speaker from the mesh casing.


Step 3: Measure the width of the suitcase

Use the tape measure to measure the width of the suitcase so you can get an idea of where you would like to place your speakers.



Step 4- Speaker template

Use the wooden speaker casing to trace with a pencil where on the suitcase you would like the speakers to go.

Repeat this on the other side of the suitcase

Step 5- Cut the hole for the larger speaker

I decided not to keep the suitcase lining.  I was able to rip the lining out, if you are not able to do so, use a pair of scissors to cut out the lining of the suitcase.

Use the box cutter to cut out the hole for the speakers.

Repeat this on the other side of the suitcase



Step 6: Placement the smaller speaker

Use the smaller speaker to trace a hole where you would like to place it.  Keep in mind the smaller and larger speaker share cords, so the speakers have to be relatively close.  I placed the smaller speaker at a 45 degree angle from the larger speakers.



Step 8: Wiring

Strip the wiring so there is a positive and negative wire.  Use these wires to hook up to the T-amp. 

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