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There are few crafty things in life that I love more than a beautifully-wrapped gift.  The luri & wilma holiday gift guide is out, and in it I'm showing you how to turn paper grocery bags and old newspapers into thoughtfully-wrapped gifts.  

Recycled Gift Wrap 1.png

The key to transforming these smart recycled papers into pretty packages is trimming, trimming, and more trimming.

Recycled Gift Wrap 2.png

Gather pom poms and bells and ornaments and doilies and twine and washi tapes.  Oh, and ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon.  Honestly, you can slap just about any pretty thing on a gift box, and I encourage you to do so!

Recycled Gift Wrap 3.png

For a little something extra, add pattern to your bags / newspapers.  This is as easy as making polka dots with a round pouncer sponge brush, or cutting a regular 'ole kitchen sponge into an easy geometric shape.  

Now, wrap and trim away!  The possibilities are nearly endless, and here's a little inspiration to prove it.

Recycled Gift Wrap 4.png
Recycled Gift Wrap 5.png
Recycled Gift Wrap 6.png
Recycled Gift Wrap 7.png
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